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Home & Family
Friends & School
Beautiful &Intersting Places & Things

Home & Family

My Backyard

Mom and Zsuzsa with pets Joni and Natasha
Mom has the cat on her lap, Natasha, and Zsuzsa is with the dog, Joni.  Neither of the pets are with us anymore.

Dad, Marc, and Ivan
Ivan is in the middle, Marc on his right and dad on his left.  From about seven or eight years ago, I think.

My goldfish.  He was very clever and grew as long as my hand.  He lived for three years.

Mom at my Bat Mitzvah
My mom doesn't like to be in pictures - this is an old one, from summer '92.

Mom and Zsuzsa at Home
We were just hanging around and taking pictures, summer '99

Dad, Ivan, and Me
When we were much younger, I think I was six or seven in this picture.

One of our cats, she is a chocolate siamese I think.

Our dog, a miniature daschund.  He died a couple of years ago.

My dad's dog in front of the house.

Me in the Mirror
Another sort of eerie photo.

Friends & School

Marilee and Jordan at Walden Pond
This is from our trip to Walden Pond in spring '99

Aviva Sleeping
Memorializing dorm life, though I don't miss it that much.

Bern at the Beach
From Lewis Beach in Delaware, summer '99.

When we were skipping geoscience our senior year... this is from in front of the school, spring '97.

Lac Du Bois at Sunrise
This is a camp I worked at in Minnesota, it was so beautiful.  I actually took this picture with a disposable camera. Summer '96.

I think this is from our Boston trip too, spring '99.

Mazen at Graduation
I took this just before we graduated high school, spring '97.

Karla on a Hill
Karla by her Lake
I took these pictures as part of an assignment for my photog. class in Spring '96.

Me and a Camper
This is from Camp Ramah, summer of '98.

Happy Liz
I think this is from one of our Geoscience rocce's.  Actually I have no idea but it must have been fun.

Tse'ela in DC
This is in front of the Capitol Building, when she came to visit a couple of summers ago.

Camp Ramah
These are all from the last night of camp!
(from Wisconsin summer 2000)

Beautiful and Interesting Places and Things

Budapest Fort Wall

Budapest Statue

Reflection in Hilton

New York Bagel Ad
These are pictures from my trip to Hungary in the summer of '96.

Green Springs Lake

Snow on a Tree
From Cornell U.

Colette's Grave
This is at the Pere Lachaise cemetary, I think, in Paris.  My mother and I went during the summer of '94, and she made me take this picture, though I didn't know who Colette was at the time.  Now she is my favorite author.

Inside Columbia University
From inside the philosophy building, I think.  You can just see the Thinker through the window.

The international relations building at Columbia

At the Zoo
A giraffe that looks like a painting (to me).

At McGill
A view of the campus

In Montreal
This is a block near our apartment.

At the Newseum
This is a structure in the Graden of Freedom (or something like that) at the Newseum in Arlington.

In New York
This is the block my dorm was on in NYC