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    This is my second go at a web page:
I'm in my third year of university, I'm at McGill for now, I was in NYC for two years and I might go back,
I'm in religious studies, and I like it, and I don't see what's so bad about 'all you can do is teach!'

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In Montreal I live with my cousin (who is much neater than I am and sometimes makes me feel guilty about it), and a friend from high school
At home (in Virginia) I have an awesome family, an amazing brother (17 at Marlboro College), two great moms and one eligible dad (know any single middle aged gay guys in good shape?)
And two cats, who are both beautiful, and sad place in our hearts for our dearly departed animals, Joni the dog and Marcus the goldfish.
Zsuzsa will have a Star Wars website up and running soon, then I will make a link to it.


Do I have any friends?
Are you out there?
I love you!!
Karla has been my official best friend for years "Hi Karla!" She is super smart, she's going to be a doctor, do you have any pull at any med schools? Get her in!
I'm scared to put people in because then I'd have to leave them out!


I like to take pictures (my good camera is broken :( )
I like to do athletic things if someone else takes the initiative and gets me moving!
I like to read (lots and lots).